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Butterfly Milkweed Display
Wabaunsee Co., Kansas
ID: R191-4

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During late May and early June the Butterfly milkweed makes its strong appearance in the Flint Hills. Usually of a bright orange-red color, concentrations of the it are difficult to overlook. Apparently the cattle tend to eat the milkweed, so it is often found only in ditches or areas that are out of their reach. On occasion, however, a larger collection will be seen, as in this photograph. There was also a nice collection of small wild dasies of some type to add interest in the foreground. The day was quite overcast, which is ideal for rendering a soft, enveloping quality of light. Very little specular reflection takes place under these conditons, allowing the capture of subtle and vibrant colors. The color temperature of the light may be a little higher (bluer), and a slight warming filter may be used to correct for that, but usually it is not necessary.

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