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Evening Primrose
Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie
Wabaunsee Co., Kansas
ID: R191-10

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I discovered these delicate primrose during a visit to the Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie in Wabaunsee county. I arrived in late afternoon, but at that time all of the primrose blooms were closed and of a darker orange color. I was very disappointed, thinkingthat they were past their peak blooming period and that I had missed the opportunity by several days. As evening began to fall, however, the curled orange blossoms began to open all over the preserve into these beautiful yellow flowers. I learned that day the reason for their name of evening primrose. Types of the species can also often be seen along roadsides, and can be white, pink or this pale yellow. The overcast sky provided a soft light, and a brighter area behind the scene created a backlight that shone through the thin petals of the primrose. I again chose a slightly wide lens to focus on the flower, but also to include the distant hills and sky, providing some context for the flower.

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