Fine-Art Wide Format Printing

Using Epson x800 stylus-Pro printing hardware and ImagePrint RIP software, exhibition quality fine-art Giclee prints may be produced from suitable digital image files. This generation of Epson printing technology employs the 8-color UltraChrome K3 pigment-based ink set. As with all Epson professional inks, when used with suitable archival papers, and when given proper care, this ink set has been rated for a permanence of over 100 years. The paper used is presently Hahnemuhle Photo Rag - 308gsm, which is one of the finest archival papers available. Many other fine-art papers, canvas and fabric materials are available, however, if you have a particular preference, and can be used provided the applicable printing profile is available. The images are always printed leaving a suitable border for handling, framing or stretching. Following a curing period of at least 24 hours, the prints are interleaved with archival tissue and are packaged flat in a suitable enclosure.

High-resolution Film Scanning

The Imacon/Hasselblad 848 film scanner employs virtual drum technology to produce very detailed digital files from 35mm, medium format and 4x5" film. Scanning resolutions vary from 8000 dpi for 35mm film to 2040 dpi for 4x5". The resulting 16-bit RGB or grayscale images are in the 40 to 100 megapixel range, quite sufficient for the production of larger prints, or simply to serve as a digital archive of any important image.

Architectural Photography

Using a modern 4x5 view camera, I am able to produce high quality, technically correct architectural images for advertisement or other commercial purposes. Additionally, a Hasselblad medium format system allows the efficient but detailed capture of less geometrically difficult subjects. Images can be produced in various digital formats or in printed form.

Technical and Product Photography

Large and medium format capture systems are employed to create high quality, detailed images of either technical or product related subjects.

Artwork Reproduction

To produce digital images of artwork, and/or faithful printed reproductions, the original is uniformly illuminated with color balanced sources and optically imaged onto a suitable type of 4x5" sheet or 120 roll film. The film is scanned using Imacon 848 virtual drum scanning technology, resulting in a very high resolution 16-bit/channel RGB image. Following any minimal digital retouching for dust or minor blemishes, printer's proofs are produced as the colors are adjusted slightly to match the original work. When the colors are correct the high-resolution file is provided on media of your choice in tiff format. Additionally, several resized jpg files may also be requested for inclusion.

Photograph Restoration, Retouching, Digital Manipulation

As with flat artwork reproduction, the original is uniformly illuminated with a balanced source and optically imaged onto 4x5" sheet film. The film is then scanned at 2040 ppi using Hasselblad/Imacon 848 virtual drum scanning technology. The digital file is then retouched and color corrected as necessary in PhotoShop and may then be produced on CD, or printed using giclee or optically-imaged digital printing.


Specializing in location photography, I can bring the portrait studio to places of your choice. There is no more effective method to add personality to portraiture than to capture the subjects in a familiar setting. Highschool seniors, individuals, couples, families, pets or any combination can be meaningfully captured in a special location.

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