Using the Epson 7800 Stylus-Pro printing system in conjunction with the ImagePrint RIP printing software, I am able to produce archival fine-art prints in any custom print size up to 24" x 130". This particular generation of Epson printer technology employs the K3 ink set, an eight-color pigment-based system. The option exists to employ either matte black or photo black in the ink set, depending on the types of paper being used at any particular time. I have always employed the matte black option only, however, for compatibility with the fine-art papers that I normally use in my own work. This system has met and exceeded my expectations for exhibition print quality, and consistently produces excellent results for both color and B/W images.

As mentioned, I routinely use several top quality fine-art papers and canvas types that have proven to create attractive prints. All of these materials are of the highest archival quality, and are some of the most widely used and accepted printing media. If another type of media is desired for a job, this can be accommodated provided that the printing profile for the media is available.

Premium weight papers:
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag - 308gsm (relatively smooth, white)
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White - 310gsm (relatively smooth, white)
Standard weight papers:
Epson Somerset Velvet - 255gsm (Textured, white)
Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art - 250gsm (Very smooth, warm white)
Lighter weight papers:
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag - 188gsm (relatively smooth, white)
Epson Premier Satin Canvas - 350gsm

Images for print may be submitted on CD, DVD or on any USB or Firewire device. They may be in any format supported by Photoshop, but preferably in either .jpg or .tif formats. Images will be sized, if necessary, according to the desired print size(s) as part of the printing operation. Other digital services such as image enhancement, color correction, cropping, etc., can be performed as well, and are simply charged according to the additional time required.

Prints on paper are produced with at least a 1" border for framing and handling, and canvas is given a border of about 2" for stretching. Following a curing time of at least 24 hours, prints are interleaved with archival tissue and packaged.

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