Roger Spohn Photography

Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Sunset, Windmill, Pond
Douglas Co., Kansas
ID: R46-12-L

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This classic windmill was located only a few miles from my home, and believing that it would provide a good foreground, I returned to the location for many sunsets. On this evening everything came together to produce an outstanding mix of mid-level and high clouds to catch the last rays of the sun. The layer of lower stratiform clouds were extremely colorful, and also caused some crepuscular rays into the higher layer clouds. It is suprizing how quickly the highest clouds gain and loose their color during the progression of the sunset. The interesting cirrus clouds in the highest part of the image were visible for only two or three minutes. In situations like this it works well to place the lowest layers of colorful clouds, which are lit most strongly, somewhere between Zone VI and VII. At this stage of sunset, that will normally cause any foreground objects or structures to fall in silhouette at Zone 0 or I. With the advent of HDR, all of this can be altered of course, but few situations call attention to form as well as a silhouette against an interesting background. As happens all too often, some time after this image was captured, the windmill was dismantled leaving only the support structure.