Roger Spohn Photography

Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Autumn Maple, White House
Douglas Co., Kansas
ID: R180-1

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This scene is along a county road that I have driven regularly for over ten years. Each autumn I was captivated by the tree, as well as by the cracking paint on the plain, white farmhouse. As the years passed, I never seemed to have the time to capture the image, but luckily it seemed to remain unchanged through all that time. I finally made this image during the past autumn, and I am lucky that it was still here to see. All too often the quaint rural scenes disappear before they are recorded. It was pretty overcast, which always produces a soft, relatively color-balanced quality of light that brings out the autumn colors very well. The light is sometimes a few hundred degrees K above 5500, but usually not even enough to warrant the use of a slight warming filter. The main advantage, however, is that practically no specular reflections occur from the surfaces of leaves or grass, etc., allowing for the objects to appear much more colorful.

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