Roger Spohn Photography

Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Clearing Ice Storm, Tree
Douglas Co., Kansas
ID: R162-8

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Clearing storm skies are undoubtedly some of the most dramatic. The clouds are usually moving and changing quickly, with correspondingly quick patches of light and dark on the ground. Often the sun breaks through jagged, low-level clouds to form crepuscular rays as can be seen in the distance of this image. I placed the camera on the tripod very low to the ground in an attempt to capture a detailed foreground of the ice-covered grass. A relatively short lens was chosen to attain the required depth of field to also include the shapely clouds. I waited for the disc of the sun to become visible through a thinner area, which also created some lighting variations on the distant grass. The angle of the stratiform clouds with respect to the frame also made for a nice balance in the sky. It usually isn't too cold under these conditions, but often there is some wind.