Roger Spohn Photography

Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Clearing Ice Storm, Fence, Tree
Douglas Co., Kansas
ID: R162-2-L

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I made several images on this particular day that were very nice, but this is still a favorite. I knew of this location, and had always liked the fence and tree, and had even made a few photographs here under various conditions. When I realized the position of the sun on this morning, I proceeded here as quickly as I could, and indeed a very nice image was unfolding. The clearing storm skies are by far some of the most interesting, due to the quickly changing and shapely clouds as well as the transient areas of light on the ground. The obscured sun did not illuminate the back of the white fence or the near ground, and using tmax 100 B&W film, I gave the proper exposure to place the near shadowed ground areas on zone III or below. I envisioned that this darkness would provide a very good contrast for the glistening ice along the length of the fence. At this exposure, the brightest interesting areas of the turbulent sky and emerging sun fell on zones XIII and IX, however, so some reduced development was employed to better enable the reproduction of that area of the image.