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Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Courthouse, Streetlamps, Rain
Lawrence, Kansas
ID: R130-3

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At nearly the same time that I arrived at the Douglas County courthouse, the pre-dawn rain abruptly came to an end leaving a pretty thick layer of water on the street. The sky was still very low, and the light on the buildings was soft. I noticed the reflections of the streetlamps, and set up the photograph to feature them along with the historic structure. Notice that the reflections are distinctly different in color, due to different types of bulbs in the streetlamps. At the time, the difference was almost imperceptible, but film or digital capture devices do not possess the sophistication of our eye-brain systems, and have a color storage and saturation capability that markedly brings out the differences. This interesting effect is one of the reasons I enjoy early morning or twilight photography that includes artificial lighting.