Roger Spohn Photography

Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Snow Hall, Tree, Rain
University of Kansas
ID: R121-10

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Snow hall is one of my favorite buildings on the KU campus and has a unique Collegiate Gothic architectural style. On this gloomy spring morning the rain had stopped a short time earlier in the morning and the wind was beginning to blow. I noticed the reflection of the building peaks and of the gigantic leafless elm, but also noticed that I could clearly see the Campanile and Fraser in the distance on either side. It was still dark enough that with the ISO 100 B&W film I was using, and with the f/16 aperture to secure the required depth of field, the exposure was pushed out to 2 seconds. This placed the darkest areas of the building on about zone IV, which was as low as I wanted to go. For the long exposure, I waited until the winds stopped moving the reflection pool, but a strange blurring effect can be seen in the small branches of the trees.