Mass Street
Camera: 6x6 medium format
Lens: Hasselblad 50mm Distagon
Capture: Fuji Velvia 100F
Exposure: 8 sec. @ f/11
Lighting: Natural, Incandescent, Sodium                and Mercury Vapor Lamps
Client: Portfolio
An interesting outdoor effect can be obtained by photographing a short time before sunrise. All of the night lighting is still burning to give the interesting variety of colors and lines, but the sky is also beginning to give definition to the building forms. To receive adequate light at this time of day, the exposures are usually multi-second at medium apertures. I most enjoy seeing the host of lighting colors that are captured by photographs taken at this time of day. Most incandescent lights create a yellow-orange glow, the mercury vapor lamps are sickly green, and the sodium lamps are a pinkish-yellow. The historic Eldridge Hotel and Massachusetts street made very nice subjects of this Lawrence streetscape.


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