Roger Spohn Photography

Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Early Morning, Eldridge Hotel
Mass St., Lawrence, KS
ID: R118-4

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The historic Eldridge Hotel and Massachusetts street made very nice subjects for this Lawrence streetscape. An interesting architectural photography method calls for exposures a short time before sunrise. All of the night lighting is still burning to give the interesting variety of colors and lines, but the sky is also beginning to give definition to the building forms. The sky luminance changes very quickly, but is the key to proper exposure. Placing the sky on about Zone VI, the exposures are usually multi-second at medium apertures. I most enjoy seeing the host of lighting colors that are captured by photographs taken at this time of day. Incandescent lights create a warm yellow-orange glow, whereas the mercury vapor lamps are sickly green, and the sodium lamps are a pinkish-yellow. At this time there were actually two types of streetlights being used, and a few yellowish lamps can be seen among the majority of green.