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Landscape, Nature and Architecture


Soybean Rows, Cirrus Clouds, Hay Bales
Douglas Co., Kansas
ID: 724

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The elegant shapes and lines of a well-planted field, in combination with the smooth topographical contours, often make for interesting sights along the Kansas gravel roads. As I came to this soybean field, I abruptly stopped as I saw all the elements in the image. The late day sun was giving the rows and the general terrain a great deal of definition, and the long shadows of the hay bales were also nice. To get a little more advantage on the interesting pattern in the immediate foreground, I set up the large view camera in the back of my truck. Notice the "interference" pattern in the foreground created by the combination of two rows that were planted at an angle to each other. The cirrus clouds created the final touch, adding a great deal of interest to the sky.