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Vinland Church Window
Vinland, Kansas
ID: 398-S

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This stained glass Gothic window is the last remaining original in the old Presbyterian church in historic Vinland Kansas. I discovered the church several years ago, and with the permission of the property manager, I captured several images of the structure. The property is now undergoing restoration, and is managed by Vinland Preservation LLC. I plan to do some color images of this window following the restoration work.

I made this image with my view camera, and it is a good example of the useful perspective adjustments that are possible. The center of the window was quite a bit higher than I could raise the camera on the tripod, but I still wanted it to appear as though I was pointed exactly perpendicular to the wall. With a conventional fixed camera this is impossible, but by keeping the back of the view camera (the film plane) parallel to the face of the church, and by vertically raising the lens, the image can be composed while still keeping the correct perspective.