Camera: 4x5
Lens: Rodenstock 180mm APO Macro Sironar-S
Capture: Fuji Velvia 100F
Exposure: 1/15 sec @ f/11
Lighting: Natural, Open shade
Filtration: Kodak 81EF Warming Filter
I was asked to reproduce this oil painting because the client planned to give the original to a member of the family. The work was encased in a frame that abruptly came out nearly 1/2" at the edge of the painting, and therefore tended to cast somewhat of a shadow onto the extreme edges. To help with this issue I again used an outdoor location on an overcast day to act as a gigantic softbox. This also helped to reduce most of the specular reflections from the shiny oil paint. The color temperature of the light was somewhat variable, but was within the 7500-7800 K range, requiring a fairly good warming filter. The digital image from the scanned film captured the detail of the brushstrokes and the texture of the canvas. A true sized archival giclee print was made onto glossy canvas to complete the project.

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