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Sunflower Field
Wilson Co., Kansas
ID: 1337

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During the autumn of this particular year there were more fields of sunflowers than usual in the southeastern portion of Kansas due to the unusually wet conditions. The farmers were unable to plant their usual fall crops in time to insure proper development by harvest time. Instead, many planted sunflowers which have a relatively short season. The sky was somewhat overcast, but still possessing a nice cloud structure,which produced the perfect light to bring out the color of the fields. To get an advantage on the relatively tall sunflowers I was in the back of my truck looking slightly down on the field. I was parked a short distance from the main road along a small dirt access path at the edge of the field.

There was a slight wind that was moving the tall sunflowers significantly, so a fast shutter would have been convenient. To maintain a sharp focus from the very near sunflowers all the way to the horizon, however, I was forced to choose a pretty small aperture, f/32, which necessitated a shutter speed of only 1/8 sec. I had to wait for a lull in the wind, and there were very few that allowed the flowers to reach a complete stop. I chose the best moment that I could, but still a small amount of movement can be seen in some of the near flowers.